Telenovela (2009)

When legal secretary Lorena Sandoval, who comes from a traditional Mexican family, chooses to be single and celibate while waiting for the right man, she bumps into the beautiful Argentinean, Miriya Fronzini, a determined girl on the go, whose womanizing hunk of a boyfriend, Arturo, is cheating on her with a best friend. Lorena learns of this hot affair while she and Miriya become fast friends. What Lorena doesn't know is that Miriya has a secret lover of her own. Just when Lorena thinks she's met the right man, she introduces him to Miriya. That's when the real trouble begins. It's girls' night out, friendship drama, and sexy romps in the land of the telenovela!

"The beautiful descriptions and vivid details helped bring the story to life. The hilarious dialogue brought me back to the days when all the women in my family craved the 'soap opera' life through tons and tons of juicy gossip. It has all the drama of a telenovela--sadness, jealousy, suspicion, and betrayal."
– Bela M., Living La Vida Latina

"Vivid descriptions, full of ‘soap opera’ drama, great dialogue, a quick read!"
– Sandra Lopez, author of Esperanza: A Latina Story

"Certainly the top attribute of this novel is the characters themselves, at least in the primary telenovela. Not for the lives they lead or the story they tell, but for who they are. Victor Cass gives his readers the enlightening opportunity to meet a variety of ethnic characters all living amongst each other without grouping them into divided racial gangs. Moreover, the reader has the pleasure of meeting a diverse lineup of Latino characters that come from a variety of South American ancestries and varying generationally that is, some may be first, second, or third generation US born, while others are immigrants. Readers meet an Argentinean immigrant daughter, a best friend Polish Jew, an Armenian elementary teacher, a first generation Mexican-American, as well as an Ethiopian waiter, and so on. Each of them shares her culture, his customs, her language, her dialect, and his prejudices, all the while loving, fighting, lusting, and making peace."
– Teresa Carbajal Ravet, Sententia Vera