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Black Widow Bitches (2016), winner of 5 awards

In this gritty, heart-thumping war epic, Cass takes us into the deadly, blood-soaked world of the first all-female combat infantry division.

The current “War on Terrorism” spirals out of control and engulfs much of the globe. Iconic cities and countries have been reduced to smoldering ruins of hopelessness across Europe and much of the free world, as brutal, rampaging terrorists unite across national, ethnic, and political lines to establish a Caliphate and crush millions of innocent resisters.

Opposed to a draft, the U.S. President asks each American family to send one volunteer to fight. A daring woman Army general, Jennifer Reed, proposes a bold move: training women for full-fledged combat in elite, all-women military units. Despite tremendous odds, her plan is grudgingly accepted, and the history-shattering 135th Airborne Division—the “Black Widows”—are born. 
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"A riveting fiction novel that I, as a combat veteran, pray never comes to reality. The Black Widow Bitches are called to serve in the first all-female U.S. Army Airborne Infantry Division. They overcome Army male resistance and fight and die in victorious conflicts throughout WWIII. Victor Cass demonstrates what women can do if called upon by our nation to defend our way of life. Each Chapter graphically describes the courage and horror associated with warfare where good conquers evil. This is a must read for all freedom loving individuals."
– Colonel Philip J. Conran USAF (Ret)

“A classic war story…engaging…well-paced, this book is perfect.”
– Michael Radon, US Review of Books

“A mesmerizing tale of courage, raw human emotions, and unmatched descriptions of battle scenes I'll never forget. This is a book everyone should read; I came away from it a changed person….Prepare for tragedy and triumph, readers, because great writers tug at all of your emotions.”
– Kevin Gerard, Award-Winning Novelist

“Engaging story about the struggles and sacrifices of women in combat. Graphic and intense, the book looks at how war changes people and challenges the reader to examine his/her own beliefs about right and wrong, good and evil, and ultimately asks, "Do the same rules apply during wartime?"
– L.B. DeLacey

“Powerfully written, gut-wrenching literary war novel that you are not soon to forget….This book [is] a part of history that is just now unfolding—global war, once-stable countries losing ground to growing terrorist movements, and most central, the role of women in combat. Cass includes such realistic detail, and develops the gradual evolution of these characters so deftly, that by the time they experience combat for the first time, you believe they are ready…. You will fall in love with these characters….You will cry sometimes.”
– C. R. Demes

A “Top 5 Book for Summer Reading”
– Del Carmen, NY Author/Blogger